3D Systems - Model Photography

I was involved in over 70 product launches and over 10 hardware launches. Roughly half of the launches required photographs or videos with models. In addition to art directing each photoshoot, I was responsible for all of the logistics including managing the photographers and models, purchasing props, and choosing locations. I also managed post-processing which included photo selection and retouching. Almost all the products were shot in a "lifestyle" format with the model as well as isolated on a white background. We often created a how-to photo or video for the complicated product.

Once the final photos had been selected and polished, I managed the team responsible for their design and use on the website.

Job Title

Senior Web Designer


Photoshoot Planning & Direction, Model Selection and Styling, Art Direction, Management, Web Design

  • Sedona Shop product page
  • Lace Jewelry product page
  • Lace Jewelry product detail page
  • Moiré product page
  • Chain Linked product page
  • Fabricate page
  • 3D Masquerade page
  • Holiday products photo
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